Wild Horse Milk From Sumbawa

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Wild Horse Milk Sumbawa (Civil), have long been known by the public sumbawa generally considered to have various properties to cure diseases and improve the vitality associated with the horse symbol depicting masculinity and power.

Some of the main advantages:

* Contains natural antimicrobial compounds are strong, ie substances that can inhibit / kill harmful bacteria.
* Does not contain pathogenic bacteria (bacteria that cause disease), preservatives or harmful ingredients.
* More easily digested by the human intestine.

Based on experience, the use of Sumbawa horse milk can cure various diseases, among others:

* TB, liver, anemia, kidney, lungs wet
* Atsma, rheumatism, diabetes, uric acid, Lowers cholesterol
* Brochitis, Leukemia (blood cancer), Avitaminosis, digestive disorders, and increase vitality.

Available in 550 ml sizes, the price of Rp. 80.000,00

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